How it Works

Jumpline provides a mobile wellness platform that focuses on mental and physical performance optimization. JHP’s holistic programming is delivered through a mobile app, community specific emails, lifestyle blog, social media and workshops.

Our Mobile Program Allows First Responders and Veterans to:

  • 1

    Implement eight mental performance techniques that enable them to build resiliency through long-term behavioral change and stress reduction

  • 2

    Analyze and adjust eight human factors that directly influence self-awareness and build situational awareness

  • 3

    Learn and develop three nutritional principles that lower BMI, build muscle and increase daily hydration

  • 4

    Utilize five physical performance criteria that allows them to increase strength, stability, mobility and resistance to injury

Mobile Delivery

The mobile app (iPhone or Google), can be in the hands of first responders or veterans for use whenever and wherever it is convenient for them to participate. It allows them to track and record every piece of data that comes out of the program and share their experiences and encouragement with the rest of the JHP community.

Lifestyle Blog, Email & Social Media

Weekly relevant content delivered via email, social media, and the Waypoint blog help engage our audiences and keep everyone motivated to stay focused on purpose and performance.

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Unmatched engagement with leading experts in their respective fields through in person workshops and webinars.

  • Licensed Psychologists and Mental Health Professionals
  • High Performance Training Instructors
  • Stress Management Consultants
  • Fitness Experts
  • Nutritionists and Dietitians
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There are multiple ways to take part in our mission. Are you interested in rolling our program out to your department? Joining as an individual? Or interested in partnering or sponsoring our efforts? Contact us and tell us more.

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