About Jumpline

Jumpline is built on years of experience, research and development. Our story and the success of the program is rooted here.

Members of our tactical population, from service members to first responders, face a unique set of psychological and physiological challenges every day. These challenges impact many aspects of their lives, including job performance, safety and overall quality of life, even after they finish serving our nation. These men and women who protect our country need and deserve proven and feasible strategies to manage these uncommon challenges. Jumpline High Performance (JHP) is the answer.

JHP’s team of world-class doctors, scientists and first responders began developing the exact kinds of programs our first responders and veterans need more than a decade ago, giving our protocol a solid scientific base.

Since then, we’ve successfully tested and implemented our programs with more than 43 departments and over 15,000 first responders

These innovative programs empower our tactical population to build long-term habits that encompass their resiliency, stress reduction and situational awareness. We adjust our programs based on each tactical population, ensuring that each individual is receiving the targeted help they need. These foundational programs and unrivaled approach empower our first responders and veterans to increase their performance, health and safety every day.

History of Mental Performance

At its foundation, the Jumpline High Performance program draws from the transformative "neck up" Tactical Stress Tolerance™ (TST) programming created by Eric Potterat, Ph.D., a high-performance/sport psychologist, during his last 10 years in the Navy, served as the force psychologist for the US Navy SEALs worldwide. Dr. Potterat was responsible for the psychological assessment, selection, development, maintenance and enhancement programs for arguably the nation’s best warriors and highest performers. He was also responsible for mental toughness and performance psychology training, clinical care, operational readiness/resilience training and neurocognitive evaluation programs for active-duty personnel across the Navy's Special Operations Forces worldwide. He is considered one of the leading experts in individual and organizational resilience and performance enhancement in high-risk, high-performance occupations.

Our groundbreaking program, drawing from Dr. Potterat’s experience and his 25,000 clinical encounters, brings the same foundational mental performance techniques currently utilized by elite military personnel and professional athletes to first responders and veterans. These proven tools enable first responders and veterans to move effectively through change, build resiliency, reduce stress and create greater situational awareness.

This program has authored four national studies, culminating in two clinical trials. Jumpline High Performance assisted in the development of a health and wellness program for the largest DOD fire service, the United States Air Force Fire Emergency Services, as well as the United States Forest Service (USFS) and its 35,000 firefighters, the largest Fire Department in the United States. Be it localized department pilots, national studies or the culminating groundbreaking clinical trials with FEMA and the NIH, JHP is unwavering in its commitment to our nation’s heroes.

Program Success

43 Agencies that have utilized the program
15k First responders who have successfully tested the program
12.3lbs Average weight loss*

*Average weight loss for obese first responders from 2014 study.

Proven Results

Based On FEMA + NIH Clinical Trials

From 2014- 2017, using our program, FEMA conducted a two and a half year department-based clinical trail covering over 1,000 first responder nation wide.

From 2016-2017, our program was used by the NIH in a two year clinic-based clinical trial covering over 500 first responders from New York state.